Patch Notes v1.01(12/20/20)

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Patch Notes v1.01(12/20/20)

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Patch Notes 12/20/2020

- Added Elite Siege Supply Box at Donation NPC, Emilia.
- Other Donation items will be added tomorrow. (Axis)
- Added Advanced Siege Supply Box at Hourly NPC.
- Can now use /memo at glast_01.
- Added items for the streamers program.
- Added Freya Gift box.
- Fixed Monster Name at Comodo.
- Fixed overpopulation at Morocc and Prontera Maps.
- Added Day and Night Cycle to Mjolnir and gl_prison.
- Removed the Flight Agent option to fly to Umbala.
- Removed the idle time of 30mins for the hourly points. Players can now get hourly points by afk-ing. Except when you use auto-trade, vending, buying store.
- Added a Knuckle Shop store for monk players. You can find it at prt_in 161,137.
- Added Strawberry to Coco, Spore, and Snake.
- Added items for the Christmas Event. (Christmas Event will be patch tomorrow.)
- Party Exp Bonus is now 10% per party member.
- Party member level gap is now 20.
- Fixed Tree Planting
- Removed Soul Strike's additional damage to undead.
- Added Hammer Fall Damage. 50% ATK as damage.
- Added Channel: #Trade and #Recruit
- Pets can now attack. It has to be loyal for it to attack. Pets are invulnerable.
- Part 1 of 2 of Kafra Skills are implemented and reworked.
- Kafra's casting time of Aura skills is decreased to 0.2 Fixed Casting Time and 0.8 Variable Casting Time.
- Kafra's Aura Skills buff duration increased. Weak Buff to 90 seconds, Strong Buff to 15 seconds.
- Kafra's Aura of Insanity is fixed. mATK % are now giving real values. It won't be shown in your status window.
- Kafra Aura of Madness still has some issues but is mostly fixed.
- Kafra's Aura of Glory's heal is now working as intended.
- Kafra's Rental Tool Dealer NPC now has 3 different sets. Higher-level gives a different set.

Future Updates
- New Kafra Skill
- Other Skill Changes
- Christmas Event (Tomorrow)
- Reset NPC (Zeny for Reset)
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