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Patch Notes v1.2 01/11/2021

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:36 am
by axis
* Added @duel, @invite, @accept, @reject, @leave command
* Added new item Green Gemstone ( can be bought in Geffen and kafra tool dealer skill )
* Added Green Gemstone in Kafra Tool dealer skill & Geffen Trader
* Added Weight Capacity bonus to Mystic Orb Place holder
* Added channel 5seconds delay chat
* Added Tavern Drop & Skip Quest
* Added Tavern Ranking
* Added Tavern Wanted List Quest
* Added Tavern MVP Badge Shop
* Added Tavern Quest Headgears ( upper, mid, & lower )
* Tavern monster quest gives 1-2 tavern ranking points
* Tavern item turn-in quest gives 1 tavern ranking point
* Tavern Wanted List quest gives 2 tavern ranking points
* Tavern ranking gives reward to top rankers every week

* Fixed expansion quest - once quest accepted, items wont change
* Fixed kafra skill WAV error
* Fixed casting time
* Fixed expansion equipment refine atk bug
* Fixed Quiver additional weight bonus
* Fixed Pocket Bible additional heal bonus
* Fixed Expansion equipment weight
* Fixed Wolf card ( ATK + 3% )
* Fixed memo on maps
* Fixed Evolved pet sprite errors
* Kafra Aura skill Fixes

Skill Changes
* Level 1 Teleport - Behaves like fly wing, no dialogue box
* Cart Revolution - Increase SP from 12 to 20
* Bowling Bash - Hits 3x now but total damage is the 80% as the original. Add Fixed CD 1 second.
* Magnus Exorcimus - Deals 30% of damage to non-demon & non-undead targets.
* Turn undead - Has a chance to turn the monster to undead. Green Gemstone is required.
* Frost nova - same as renewal
* Hammer Fall - Has 30*skill level% ATK plus acts like spiral pierce that weapon weight affects the additional damage. Only hits once. Stun % decreased to 40% at level 5; SP cost increase to 25
* Crazy Uproar - Gives additional + 15 BASE ATK
* Venom Splasher - Removed gemstone, HP requirement & Poison requirements to target.
* Holy Cross - Damage increased by 50% when using 2 handed spears.
* Grand Cross - Grand Cross damages everyone even if they are stacked. Increased Self-Inflict damage of Grand Cross from 20% to 24%.
* Spear Quicken - Add Crit and Flee. You cannot use it if you are using one-handed spear.
* Extremity Fist - Add 10 sec skill cooldown.
* Finger Offensive - Decrease to (150+10*skill lvl)% ATK
* Combo Finish - Increase to (240+70*SkillLV)% ATK.
* Spell Breaker - Spells disrupted by spell breaker gets a forced 5 sec cooldown.
* Autospell - Adds 1.5 Flee per skill level.
* Musical Strike - Reworked skill similar to Arrow Vulcan.
* Arrow Fling - Reworked skill similar to Arrow Vulcan.
* Bomb - Changed skill damage and calculation similar to Soul Destroyer of Assassin Cross.

* Removed Angelic Kiss from Angelic Set Combo
* Removed Elite Siege Supply Box from Donation Shop
* Removed HE Bubble Gum from Donation Shop
* Removed HE Battle Manual from Donation Shop
* Removed Greed Scroll Box from Donation Shop
* Removed Token of Siegfried from Donation Shop
* Removed Agi & Blessing Scroll Box from Donation Shop
* Removed Wooden Heart from Item Turn-in quest
* Removed Forbidden Freya's Seed weight
* Removed Summon Gryphon Scroll weight
* Removed XMAS 2020 Event
* XMAS 2020 Costumes are now tradable
* Adjusted pet skills and bonuses
* Adjusted Item Turn-in quest quantity requirement
* Adjusted number of mob spawn
* Modified @whereis command; Can now view the day and night respawn
* Increases Red, Orange, Yellow, White, and Blue Potion Heal
* Changed OBB Sell price to 500z
* Changed Stiletto Sell price to 700z
* Ornamental dagger will only gives additional ASPD to archer class if using dagger

Tavern Weekly Ranking Rewards
Top 1
Image 5 Elite Siege Supply Box
Image 5 HE Battle Manual
Image 5 HE Bubble Gum
Image 1 Greed Scroll Box

Top 2
Image 3 Elite Siege Supply Box
Image 3 HE Battle Manual
Image 3 HE Bubble Gum
Image 1 Greed Scroll Box

Top 3
Image 5 Elite Siege Supply Box
Image 2 HE Battle Manual
Image 2 HE Bubble Gum
Image 5 Insurance

Top 5th-10th
Image 5 Elite Siege Supply Box
Image 5 Battle Manual
Image 5 Bubble Gum

Top 11th-25th
Image Elite Siege Supply Box
Image Battle Manual
Image Bubble Gum

Top 26th below
Image Elite Siege Supply Box
Image Battle Manual
Image Bubble Gum