Patch Notes v1.10 12/29/2020 (Adventurer's Tavern)

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Patch Notes v1.10 12/29/2020 (Adventurer's Tavern)

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Patch Notes v1.10 12/29/2020
- Added Adventurer's Tavern
-Talk to Tavern Teleport Officer (139,172) to get started. Tavern Officer will be added to all Inns on the next update.
- Added new Kafra skill Magic Vault and Magic Release
- Added Binocular quest
- Added Adventurer's Tavern
- Changed Kafra Mana bolt skill to level 5
- Changed Kafra skill Tool dealer skill sold items (so that Kafra can use the Level 3 Rental Tool Dealer NPC for themself.)
- Adjusted and fixed monster spawns
- Adjusted Monster stats
- Adjusted Expansion equipment slotted drop rate
- Fixed Yuno Inn NPC and savepoint
- Fixed Skills Weapon ATK initialization ( Impositio Manus )
- Fixed XMAS costume 2020 description
- Fixed Immortal Monsters
- Fixed Reset NPC increasing-price bug
- Fixed @whereis command
- Fixed Magnus Exorcismus skill damage. It now only deals 10% damage to normal mobs.
- Updated Control panel Mob DB
- Updated Control panel mob spawn
- Autotrades are now invulnerable
- Removed dead branch MVP
- Removed Angelic Guard to Angelic Combo set
- Card Insurance NPC required amount of kills changed from 10,000 to 5,000. Increased the zeny cost from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000.

There might be another patch tomorrow. For more skill changes and additional features of the Adventurer's Tavern. (eg. Additional Headgears and Quests)

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