A Carnation to Everyone

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A Carnation to Everyone

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A Carnation to Everyone

This starts with a lady named Flora. With the war finally ended, Families and Lovers are finally getting connected and together again. However, not everyone has a good ending. Flora waited. Days after days, months after months, Diego never came back. The adventurer had a chance to talk to Flora in a nearby flower shop. Flora decided it is the time to let go and finally move on. She asks the adventurer to get some carnations, Diego’s favorite flower, and in return will give a reward. Killing any plants will have a chance to drop Carnations. Flora will be needing 200 Carnations.


Reward: Bunch of Carnations
Stats: Gives +1 All stats

Additional Quests: If you give more Carnations to Flora, she will give you a random item per 10 Carnations. You can also give Flora 200 more Carnations to receive another Bunch of Carnations.

* Condensed White Potion (39%)
* Blue Potion (11%)
* Adventurer’s Medal (8%)
* Gift Box (7%)
* Adventurer’s Badge (5%)
* Royal Jelly (5%)
* Yggdrasil Seed (12%)
* Yggdrasilberry (12.04%)
* Old Card Album (0.1%)
* Old Blue Box (1%)
* Old Violet Box (0.5%)
* Bloody Branch (0.1%)

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